we all live in a yellow submarine.

I am personally thinking of Strawberry Fields Forever during this gorgeous summer time weather. I don't know about you, but the sunshine has inspired me to throw on a record and listen to those psychedelic tunes that so many people loved and raved about. Let's face it. The Beatles will always be with us, no matter how young or old we are...

So my good friend Shraddha joined me at my house yesterday to pick out a summer time outfit.
In light of these sunny days, I was told by her to wear colour. I literally tore my closet apart and found three pieces of clothing that would not be considered shades (to recap your gradeschool memory that would be black, white and grey).
To write minutes on our dressup date:
Jen: I want to go home and change out of my pjs. I look like a boy. I just wrote an exam, and I feel gross. I need a little cheering up.
Shraddha: Let's go home and pick out your outfit.
(Walk home and gossip)
Shraddha: You need colour. It's the nicest day out this week. You need to look 'summery'
Jen: Rips out everything in her closet
I don't have any darn colour. And If I do, it washed me out. ughhh
. Maybe I'll just wear black.
Shraddha: Honey. You always wear black. Today thats a no-no.
Jen: I want to wear my cowboy boots. And that's all I know.
Shraddha: Okay. Find clothes to go with them at least!
Jen: Basically tries on everything in her closet, and throws it on the floor. At this point in time, Shraddha is bored bonkers and leaves to go to class. Jen is NOT a good friend at this point in time... She cannot make up her mind whatsoever, except that she wants to wear cowboy boots.

Now that you've read this boring story, here's what she picked. And instantly thought of the Beatles? Why? I'm not too sure. I'm going to ask her that later tonight after she's had some time to think about it.

Featured here is a yellow sweater, a white babydoll shirt, a gorgeous ring and necklace from Kenneth Bell, and a necklace, worn as a bracelet that looks like CANDY CORNNNNNN woo.

Cowboy boots were a must on that day for some reason.

Full shot.

Shades. They were a must on a day like today. I have missed wearing them!

Speaking about
psychedelic things... I came across a neat techno/rave/house website. Came across this.

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