pre st pattys day excursions.

Ha P St Pats. (Happy St. Pattys).
For the two of you who were involved in tonights excursions to make this cake, that was just a start to the rowdyness that will unfold tomorrow. To all you people who are still up, either fixing their green outfits, putting the beer in the fridge, taking the green dye out of the baking cupboard and downloading Irish tunes to wake up to in the morning (ha.. not me..), here is a pre St. Patty's day gift. Rest up, eat a big breakfast (for a house hold full of boys, who were kind enough to lend their oven, this cake better be eaten before you leave in the morning!) and make sure you have your Kiss Me, I'm Irish shirts on.... sharpies on a string necklace included.
I have NEVER celebrated St Pattys as religiously as I have at uni. It's a known holiday across campus. I know tomorrow will prove to be another gorgeous day (fingers crossed, I am wearing SHORTS), and a day full of amazing memories that you will tell your grandchildren one day.

Pre St Patty's day outfit. Enjoy the photoshoot. It was nice outside + I had time on my hands = lots and lots of photobooth pics. Everyone should get MacBooks.

Thrifted leopard print shirt. I cut out the collar, resulting in an off the shoulder look. Kenneth Bell accessories, a tribal wooden bangle and a spider jewel encrusted ring.


Thrifted black pleated, gold chained purse, leggings, leg warmers and black flats.

Ensemble. Leopard print shirt, jean shorts (I cut them myself), leggings, purse and leather jacket. An oh so lovely outfit for the glorious weather.

Sans leather.


Life is somewhat of a balancing act.

Sunbathers unite.

So now, I bid adieu, for I am going to bed so I can wake up early and craft an oufit full of green tomorrow. (goodluck jen. pfffft.) I am almost 110% positive it will be featured tomorrow, along with ridiculous outfits I snapshot tomorrow. You might get lucky and see some ridiculous decisions being made, captured on film forever as well. knock on wood for another beautiful day, knock down the door of your neighbors for some St. Pattys drinks and remember to NOT knock yourself out cold while you passout at 8pm tomorrow night (not I...). Hopefully it's in your bed and not on the streets.

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