summ summ summa time

Its warm. Its sunny. Its just plain gorgeous. The wind isn't too rough, the rain ain't fallin yet, and there are no clouds in the sky. We all love it when its like this, mainly because it means no more
-boots (winter sludge trudgers)
-mitts (who wants to cover up that gorgeous bling?)
-hats (hellooooooo frizz attack. hat hair is never in, even if you are a cute snowboarder)
-winter coats (yes, Canada Goose jackets were in this winter season, but lets keep the geese where they belong... no where to been seen)
-scarves (pashminas are still A-OKAY however)
-ski goggles? I'm not sure if you wear them in public, but with our harsh winters (blizzards!!!) I could have sworn I saw someone sporting them
The list could go on, but I'm feeling almost depressed speaking about winter on a beautiful day like today.
Take a nap on the lawn in the sun? I know I will.

Becky: My hottstuffs of a future roomie. Loves her for taking a photoshoot for me

Featured on this mod is a dress I gave her (looks STUNNING on her, nix on me)
It's a black, white and yellow bandage dress.

To spice it up, she's wearing silver jewelery, sexy shades and a purple ring.

Let's be honest with ourselves... its not THAT hot outside. Although we wear the tiniest of mini skirts and strapless tanks to the clubs (NOT I!), we do not dare risk showing that much skin on campus. YET. I wore shorts the other day and I recieved the dirtiest looks. HELLO I don't want white legs. Ever heard of NATURAL tanning? Apparently not.
Anyway, Becky realizing its still only the beginning of March (I forget sometimes) paired the dress with leggings and boots. Classically dressing down, (but up too) the dress.

lurve the boots. black knee highs. I need a pair. desperately.

Long chain charm necklace.

HAHA I love this girl.
Much love and thanks for the pictures.
Let's see what everyone's wearing. I do it everyday. You should too.
It's fun to dressup and make your room look like a tornado swept through your closet. It's part of my morning routine.

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