Fishtail Side Braid | Perfect For the Beach

Lately I have experimenting with different braids, playing with different styles depending on the day. Today I decided to attempt a side fish tail braid with a twist- I added two small dutch braids to each side, grabbing the loose hair that fell out of the fish tail braid.

I think this is such a cute look, and perfect for a sunny day or going to the beach. I also think this hair style looks adorable with a sun hat as well. I actually bought a new hat today at H&M and thought it brought my whole outfit together perfectly. I am wearing a purple short jumper (boutique shop), a knitted vest (boutique shop) and an H&M sun hat.


Daenerys Targaryen Inspired Reverse Halo Braid

As the fifth season of Game of Thrones makes its enormous debut this weekend after what seemed like an eternity of a wait, I thought I would give a hairstyle tribute to Daenerys Targaryen and her beautiful braided golden locks. 
I first created a natural part in my hair and did a small french braid on either side, each time incorporating hair from the front and back, to create a braid that would follow along the curve of my head. Once I reached the hair around my ear level, I stopped incorporating new hair and followed through with a normal braid. I recently bought a jumbo box of see-through elastics that I absolutely LOVE. Finish off each braid with one of these!
Then, with the hair remaining around my ears (think Legolas braids here), I created a small braid on each side that would overlap the initial braids, (giving me the opportunity to create the braided halo in the back). My hair was not long enough, so I incorporated a little hair from behind the initial french braids to make this braid long, as to create the halo. Now that you have two long braids on either side, cross them behind your head and attach the ends to the other side. I was fortunate to have long braids so I could actually stick them inside the loop I created and attach them with a band to the initial french braid. I know this sounds a little confusing, but take a look at the last picture and you will see a shorter braid poking out- this is the end of the halo braid. When in doubt, just push some bobby pins in here and there to secure things. I like the bands because they usually stay in place and you don't have to worry about your hair getting looser over time. 
Let me know what you guys think!! 


Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid braids are making a huge comeback, and have become a fashionable hairstyle that celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence to Youtube stars like Zoella have been rocking in all different forms. Having long hair is definitely a plus when creating this look, and fortunately my attempt was not half bad! It is such an easy hairstyle to do, it takes less than twenty minutes! (The version I did was with a fishtail braid, and took a little longer than a normal braid would). 
After washing my hair with Pantene or John Frida's sheer blonde, I started to work on my hair. I like to do this hairstyle while my hair is still wet, as I find longer hair is easier to manage into braids when it is damp.
I parted my hair in two, and braided each side with a large fishtail braid. I then wrapped each braid over the top of my head and secured the ends with bobby pins. If you want more of a messy look, pull the hair in the braids lightly, making the plats larger and messier. 
Leave me a comment and let me know if you like the hairstyle and if you have tried to do it yourself!


french braids and a jump suit

Happy April Fools Day! Hopefully you aren't playing extremely nasty jokes on family and friends. Here in Spain this day is somewhat celebrated on the 28th of December. So no pranks for me! However I thought I would treat not trick you guys with an outfit of the day. It has been ages since I have posted one, and I thought it was about time.  
I am sporting a beautiful animal print jump suit, a leather jacket and booties. Makeup: Makeup Forever foundation, Nars concealer, Sephora matte lip and mascara. 
If you wish to purchase this look, check out the links below!