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Today, I could quite possibly fit in with Avril and Adam. bestieesss.

Okay so,as everyone may know, I am in love with Alice in Wonderland. So I wanted to feature this creative music vid, but my post 13 year old ears CANNOT stand Avril singing anymore. I'm truly sorry. In order to fully enjoy this video, I suggest you click mute? I did anyway. whoops.

On to bigger, better and more attractive things, ADAM. I am in love. gosh darnit. This song is somewhat annoyingly catchy, and personally, I could listen to Adam sing all day. And quite possibly drool over him too. (such a shame)...

Anyway. For some reason today I felt like wearing ALL black. I dont think I have done that in a while, but Avril and Adam (double A team) has pushed me back to my somewhat (gothic?? punk? pretty boy and girl?) roots. Whatever it was, I was thinking of Ke$ha and her blah blah blah video. I decided to be a tad creative and become inspired by this punk fashonista trio (yes, Adam is included in that).

I had a bit of time before class, so I decided to design some earrings. (Sadly,) this is my idea of fun. Featured above are old BORING earrings that I probably bought when I was in grade seven, when these kind of earrings were really really cool and I could not do without them. ya, probably wore them a max of three times. sorry mom.

POW. I decorated them with white feathers. They look oh so gorg now.

Next mission. Yes, these are those super popular Mary Kate and Ashley inspired earrings that I NEEDED to have that featured J's on them because I wanted to be just like the twins. Oh boy, they went out of style fast.

Wow. this photo took me a while to find. You know you have no life when you remebered WHAT magazine you saw this photoshoot in and WHAT outfit Ashley was wearing and WHAT earrings she was wearing. Thank god google decodes that information. Umm I am deeming myself a person with a photgraphic memory. Yes, this picture was taken from YM Magainzine in... drumroll please? September 2003. Seven years ago. yikes.

Anyway, back to business. I decided to take my seven year old earrings (I guess I can date them now?) and transform them. Sorry Ash. Sorry MK. Yours looked better on you anyway.

Not that you can really notice the original... but I just needed a base of an earring and a long chain. My J chain earrings were a perfect muse.

Decided to wear one. Like Ke$ha? Love.

I could belong in an Adam Lambert vid. Yes. So, featured here is a thrifted blouse, that I removed the collared neck and makeshifted into an off the shoulder (both) top. I paired it with a jeweled and studded leather vest from Forever 21. I'm wearing black jeans, and a chain belt. I am wearing a large silver ring from Kenneth Bell, and a silver chain necklace worn as a bracelet, accompanied by a silver circular cuff.

My shooz. Thrifted black boat shoes.


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