So Selena has definitely grown up since being on the disney channel... (yes, my brothers do still watch that channel, and yes, I happen to join in on their viewings of the Suite Life on Deck). We're cool like that. Anyway. As I said, she's grown up. And this song is a tad catchy. It may be a bit sad that I saw this movie this morning and was feeling quite possibly a tad too giddy, that I (somewhat) dressed up similarly to one of her outfits. Sorry, the clip isn't complete, so it will cut off eventually, but it was the only one I could find on youtube that wasn't requested that the embedded code be taken off for public use. ughh. Anyway. See that amazing golden (pearl? or just jeweled?) necklace? Ya, I don't have anything similar. So just picture that with my outfit. I have somewhat the same shooz and the dress... I decided to pair mine with a Costa Blanca belt. The dress is coincidentally from there too. LURVE? YES.

See that amazing thing around her neck? Yupp? Thats the necklace I DO NOT HAVE BUT I LOVE. Imma hunt you down and find myself one. ASAP.

My version? A decent attempt. For a lack of materials.

Get used to it. I take multiple photo booth shots. What of it?

Shooz. Forever 21 love.

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