red carpet similarities.

I revamped it... Red Carpet Similarities. Lets play a game of Look Alikes!

Diane Kruger. Ever since I watched the movie National Treasure, I fell in love with this woman. I love this Chanel couture dress too, however I might be a tad hungry because I compared it with Pepperridge Farms Piroutte Cookies. Oh dearrr

Nicole Richie. Princess Warrior (Xena? Relic Hunter?) This Reem Acra gown is LoVeLy. Inspired by chain mail though?

Rachel McAdams. Ellie Saab has done a wondrous job. My first thought was florals, but I wanted to compare it to something more whimsical and ancient. Chinese koi fish. They smell funny at Wonderland... (yes, I feed them every year), but they can look beautiful.

Faith Hill? Red Carpet? Apparently she forgot what event she was attending. The Catwoman Appreciation Association Social was NEXT week. whhooops.

Cameron Diaz. As elegant as ever. Oscar de la Renta always seems to amaze.

Tina Fey. Post Prehestoric. This geogeous Michael Kors gown definitely has one up on Fred and Wilma (combined?)

I love Sarah. But this dress is definitely not Sex and the City worthy. It is gorgous, just the Chanel silk was a tad too overdone. On top of things, her cat like eyes reminded me of her Hocus Pocus days...

Chanel would have done her proud.

Carried Away much? ooopps I mean Carrie On...

Demi Moore. Wow. That is all I can say. Versace did you proud.

Charlize Theron.. I love this Christian Dior dress, but I am not too estatic about those rosebuds... it definitely catches attention however.

Hello Vera Farmiga... Instead of visions of sugar plums, I somehow get visions of venus flytraps when I look at this dress. It is quite lovely, but very reminiscent of the canivorous plant. oyy.

Anna Kendrick. I was told by a friend who was watching the Oscars (I could not actually watch it live...) told me to watch out for Anna Kendrick's outfit. This draped soft pixie pink gown from Ellie Saab Couture is stunning. However, look closely and you might agree that a different shooz choice is in order.

Love Meryl Streep. This gown is beautiful on her, and when I found out Chris March from Project Runway designed it, I giggled with joy. I am obsessed with that show, and it must be amazing to see one of your own designs at the Academy Awards. cudossss

Penelope Cruz. So, I have to say that I have now dressed like a gorgeous celeb, before she even decided to wear this beautiful Dona Karan gown. I love the way it is shaped on the bodice, folded and draped maginificently. The one I wore for my birthday this year (in July!) was extremely similar, however it was from Forever 21 and it was a shorter length.


Kate Winslet. Simple, yet elegant. Some would say boring, but I say sheer and graceful. Sometimes plain is just what shows beauty best. That scenario played itself well here.

Kristen Stewart. A woman after my own heart, a woman with no love for colour. Wearing a Monique Lhuillier strapless draped gown, Queen Twilight looks beautiful... which in many of her other choices of outfits might be a tad questionable...

Zoe Saldana. This Givenchy dress reminds me of the tango, and the frilly dresses the women wear... Don't get me wrong, I love Zoe. I love Givenchy. I love the shades of purple. But attach a sparkling gold bodice and you have somewhat of a mishap... Sparkles not included if you were to buy at the House of Fashion Uncensored (ficitcous for all you eager Givenchy fans)

Miley Miley. How much you've grown! (since your wig wearing days...) This lovely champange coloured gown from Jenny Packham looks absolutely stunning on this country brunette. Long gone is Hannah Montana (her blonde hair at least. Maybe it flew away in the wind?)

Sandra Bullock. She is absolutely stunning in this flowing Marchesa sheath. The pale colour accentuates her skin and hair colour gorgeously, while adding an extra oommff with lace and sparkles. Beautiful is a perfect word.

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