This morning I was rummaging through a garbage bag of clothes that I thrifted in the summer and I came across this gorgeous but extremely ugly floor length skirt. I purchased it on the sole fact that I loved the navy colour, and the gold buttons were excitingly intricate. I never really had use for it, until I dreamt of what I could do with it while I was trying to fall asleep last night... yes... thats what I do...

Here's the pilgrim skirt... Get ready to be cut apart.

Mucho better. I cut around five inches off the bottom of the skirt, and cut arm holes along the waist. (Allowing my arms to slip through so the skirt becomes an off both shoulders top).

I jazzed it up with numerous amounts of jewelry. I am wearing a Kenneth Bell mirrored ring, egyptian style earrings, (I only say that because they remind me of Cleopatra), a gold chained belt as a necklace, and the matching necklace for the earrings.

In order for the waist to not fly away and make me seem heftier than I truly am, I belted the dress with a thrifted blue leather belt, that is adorned with gold H's. I like to pretend it is Hermes.

I wore the ensemble with leggings.

Better view of the off the shoulder aspect.


And for all you people who would love a song stuck in their head today, check this one out. It's catchy, and the clothing is spectacular. Keep your eye open for the insane necklace that she wears at one point. Very tribal like.

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