ghost world.

For my "Popular Culture" English class, I have to read the graphic novel 'Ghost World'. I'd say that today's outfit was inspired by the (tad) punk outfits in the comic. Although it seems to be in blue and white (an awkward blend of colors), I pictured Scarlet Johansson possibly wearing my outfit. But not really... I can't help adding my own ideas. Thank goodness the weather is nice today. I was feeling like crappo and the sun lightened my spirits.

Featured here is a leather jacket from Bianca Nygard.

I am wearing a black wool t-shirt dress, with knee high woolen stockings.

I'm also wearing numerous necklaces, two golden chains (one is actually a belt), and a back glass one.

I guess you could call my belt Gladiator inspired.

I'm also wearing black Steve Madden suede booties.

Closeup of jewels.

It's somewhat of a miracle that I put this together today. I've been feeling quite under the weather and I could have just stayed in my pjs! :O
DARE I? No way. Sorry, I'm not that type of girl. It may take me a while to get dressed in the morning, but I will never forgo that quality of myself.

I decided to feature these leggings, because the infamous TAVI hosted Fashion Television last night, and was amazed by the velor leggings which were part of the Fall 2010 collection (more to be featured soon).
Her outfits were ridiculous, and I'm pretty sure her blue hair is getting her noticed.
There has been hype that her blog isn't actually written by her, her insight is amazing for a 14 year old. Who will ever know... except that it steals her front row seats at most of the most popular current fashion shows.
Maybe one day we'll all get recognized for our talent in some way or another. Fingers crossed.

Give me your input, criticism and comments on her demeanor, artistic ability and love for fashion...

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