I'm sure that many of my readers are quite obsessed with the popular site LookBook. I one day dream to feature my outfits on there, however it requires quite a bit of professionalism. However, I was extremely excited when I received an email from the F-List, mentioning LookBook while outlining the highlights of LG Fashion Week. Breeyn McCarney was introduced as a newcomer with her 'Hard- Boiled Wonderland' collection. All of the looks shown below are featured on her LookBook page, which can be found here. Everyone who is anyone will know that I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, and I was breath taken when I viewed this collection. It's as if Alice walked through the looking glass, and ended up in 2010, somehow traveling through time and space. This collection is highly influenced with traditional looks, whether it be with respect to the dresses, stockings, socks, shoes and hair. However, Breeyn has urbanized the outfits, making them quite practical to wear within our society today.

As a huge fan of knitted and crocheted material, I love this wispy princess pink off the shoulder sweater.

This whimsical dress is completed by the bib piece around the neck and the detail adorned with stars around the hem.

This piece is most practical. Whether you are traveling to school, the office, or out on a date, this dress is extremely 'ready to wear' influenced.

I can just picture Alice wearing this dress during her adventures in Wonderland.

This dress is similar to one of the ones above, however in replacement of the bib, there is a v-neck knitted detail which is as if Alice walked through the caterpillars cocoon. Lovely.

If only we were all this skinny and could wear a top with stockings...
I figure this is a mad hatter inspired outfit, with the grungy colours and tailored look. The feathered necklace is stunning, and completes the outfit indefinitely.

This is Alice. I am picturing her traditional baby blue lace dress she has worn for over a hundred and fifty years. (Alice in Wonderland was originally written in 1865). It is amazing to think that society has been fascinated by this story for over a century and a half, and still inspires projects, such as this collection.
Gorgeous. Check it out on this lovely summer day. (spring, but whatever).

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