tardiness is a bad quality.

So, I know I have been absent from the cyber world for a while.... I feel almost as if I am sinning! Anyway, I know excuses are never worth saying, because they are excuses, but I'm going to say them anyway. I had an exam, and then I got a tad sick, and then work just caught up with me. So, I happened to not post for a while. However, during my abscense, (of three days?), I have been complimented numerous times, creating friendships with people BECAUSE OF MY BLOG. If I go out, people know my face, and it's funny to say, but they know more about me before even meeting me! Its almost surreal.

Case ONE: I have a friend on twitter, and one of her friends follows my blog because of her. I met her and she absolutely loved my posts. Friendsssssss

Case TWO: One of my friends roomates got hooked because my friend was speaking about it all the time. He complimented me on my music choices and said I should post more. Friendssss (ps, Im posting music today if you happen to take a study break and read :))

Case THREE: A friend was looking at the blog in class and the girl BEHIND her lurked over her shoulder. I later saw her around campus and she approached me. Friendssss

There are quite possibly many other cases, but these were just in the past three days! oyy. I hope I'm living up to everyone's standards. xxxx

Anyway, enough ramble... I went to my friends 19th birthday party yesterday, woooo! and this is what I wore. check check check it out. Then we went out to a bar, and people absolutely loved the shoes and the ring. HOLYYYYY I love this outfit.

ON JEN: A lace tank (a tad see through...), paired with my favourite black blazer, (thrifted), with a sequin skirt (that is actually a tube top that I transformed), with black ripped tights, a thrifted leather clutch, my glorious KEN BELL black jeweled ring and AMAZING shoes from Forever 21. LOVELOVELOVE. holy moly.

And for all you lovely people headed to Felix Cartal tonight... SNEAK PREVIEW

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