canada vs usa. we all know whos the real winner.

It's no wild guess when I say that possibly all (at least a large majority) of Canada is watching the hockey game right now, Canada vs the US for the gold. I personally have been attached to my tv, resorting to eating, sleeping, dressing and doing every other daily activity infront of it, being glued to the Olympic coverage. I absolutely love how cultures and countries from around the world gather in one spot to compete. Even if you don't end up with a medal, it is such an accomplishment to even GET to the Olympics.

So, little did I know that one of my closest friend's brother, goes to school with an Olympian (unfortunately he did not win a medal...), however, I still think it's amazing that he qualified! JEFF BATCHELOR qualified for the mens half pipe snowboarding. I personally watched him on tv! How cool is that?! Whats even COOLER is that he is currently sponsored by BENCH, and has his own personal t-shirt! My friend was actually wearing it last night, and it looked amazing! Little did I know I was going to post about it today.. I should have taken a picture. Here's a sneak preview off of Jeff's facebook page... It is sweet graffitti style shirt, showing Jeff in goggles, with the CN Tower in the background, as well as snapshots of Jeff snowboarding. It's officially available at BENCH.

Now, if that isn't cool enough for you, Jeff has a cameo in VANITY FAIR! (to relate to fashion :P) Here is the article below. It's kind of neat to know a celebrity with a couple degrees of seperation... :D
Age: 21. Country: Canada. Sport: Half-pipe snowboarding. Placed: 32nd. Best part of being an Olympian: “I don’t know, if you were trying to be politically correct as an Olympian, what would you say?” How was it competing? “Well, it was kind of short-lived because I fell both runs. But it was pretty cool to be up in front of everyone and representing your country. It’s like, This is sick. I made it to the highest level, and I’m going to give it my all.”

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