Part of my daily routine is to try on at least four different outfits, changing my mind every five minutes. You would think it would be all fun and games, however, at the end this fun activity, you have a pile of clothes the size of Mount Everest on your floor. But for some people, a little green fairy comes and cleans up their mess after they are done (apparently I don't have one...). I was watching MTV teen cribs, and I completely related with the girl who was showing off her closet... she too said she spent hours changing in the morning, however, she said, and I quote "Its like magic though! When I come back from school in the afternoon, my mess is all cleaned up!" I chuckled to myself. If magic were really a part of the process, I wouldn't need to make the physical effort to change in the morning. I could just snap my fingers and look absolutely perfect! If only we were all that lucky, and could show our monster of a walk in closet accompanied with three way mirrors on tv...

Summer dreams. Endless nights. Fireflies. Sailboats.

While rummaging through my closet this morning, I found a skirt that had hidden itself in the deepest, darkest corner of my drawer. I thrifted it this summer, thinking that it was fitting with the nautical theme. Today, I was summer inspired. Makeshifting a top out of the skirt, I paired it with a red weaved belt and a red chain bracelet (which is actually a necklace... I tend to do that alot don't I?)

Who am I kidding? It's freakishly cold outside. So, I made the executive decision to wear a sweater on top. Darn Canadian winter weather...

In hopes of the summer...

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