Queen of Red

Red is a sign of power. Red is also a sign of luxury, love and lust. It's a sign of domination and no fear. People who wear read exude more confidence then others who don't. It is a colour that attracts the eye, due to its mysterious and powerful ways. In order to wear red, one must possess the determination to not be afraid when they stand out in a crowd. People will look at you, no matter what. If you're comfortable with this, then go ahead! Layer on the lipstick, dress up in red feathers, where glitz and glam. The colour red is also very forgiving. You can wear a simple and almost colourless outfit (either black or white) and spice it up with a hint of red lipstick. Or, you can pile on the red accessories, and doll up your lips as well. Either way, red gives you the opportunity to show how bright a star you are.
Lips printDiva Girl - Red Lips - Cropped print

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania hooded coat
$895 -

Studded heels
$1,195 -

Vivienne westwood bag
$510 -

Ruffle handbag
$78 -

Alexander McQueen red clutch handbag
£960 -

Betsey Johnson red jewelry
$35 -

Red jewelry
£15 -

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