Salvatore Ferragamo: Gaga vs. Kim

How would you wear the houndstooth pattern? It's a hard one to pull off, but if you have style, and are able to balance the proportions of the pattern, you'll be off on the right foot. (Like these gorgeous shoes below- and of course iphone cases to match)

Classic Houndstooth Print kedsshoeClassic Houndstooth kedsshoeClassic Houndstooth kedsshoeTBA ~ LADIES' SPRINGY YELLOW HOUNDSTOOTH HI-TOP kedsshoe

Houndstooth Customizable Colors iPhone 4 Case speckcaseHoundstooth speckcaseHoundstooth iPhone 4 Case speckcaseHoundstooth Classic speckcase

As the Fall 2011 fashion trends move from the runway to the streets, we all wish that we could wear it perfectly like the models that walk down the catwalk. However, some celebrities like to add their own spin to the outfit, making it their own, simultaneously making a statement. Salvatore Ferragamo featured beautifully cut houndstooth patterns in the Fall 2011 collection, such as the one below. Celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian obviously fell in love with it as well, since they both decided to take it from the runway to the streets. Now, for the ultimate question; Who Wore It Better? This is a tough one, because clearly Lady Gaga is going to throw everything out of proportion and dress herself to the nines in houndstooth patterns. Given the fact that she paired the dress with matching sunglasses, hat, clutch, shoes and even leg decorations shows that she is dedicated to emphasizing an outfit. Although there is a definite overdose of black and white checks, she still pulls off her quirky yet sophisticated pose which she is known for. As for Kim, she simplifies the outfit with a little touch of red lipstick to add a tinge of boldness. Classy vs. Quirky. It's a tough one.

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