Model Falls Three Times at Cannes Film Festival Runway Show

Personally, whenever I see a model fall on the runway, I definitely share their pain. For one, I get utterly embarrassed for them, (for some reason), because I know that all eyes (and very important ones at that) are on them. Secondly, I can almost hear their ankles snapping like twigs, due to the sheer fragility of their legs. Lets face it, you fear for a model's well being because she is just so darn skinny.
So, when I saw this little snippet of a model falling not one, not two, but THREE times, I was in a state of horror, but also one of comical sorts. I usually want to cry for the models after their big falls, however, you just can't help but chuckle (a little) at this one. It also makes you wonder what kind of shoes these models were forced into, or if that dress really does weigh more than the model.

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