Cannes Film Festival: Midnight in Paris, & Woody Allen

So as you may know, the Cannes Film Festival starts today, and runs until the 22nd of May. To begin this spectacular event, Woody Allen's movie, Midnight in Paris, will be shown, featuring the exquisite acting skills of Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Adrien Brody, Kathy Bates, Carla Bruni, Marion Cotillard and Michael Sheen (amongst many talented others).
As soon as I heard the word 'Paris', my heart fluttered. I am in love with Europe, and obviously the fashion overseas. I lust to go to Paris, as it is considered to be the city of love and romance. One day, I will find an adventure over there, just as Owen does in this magical and inspirational film. Watch the trailer below and fall instantly in love. (Picture opposite left of Woody Allen found at

Following the Paris theme, I did some digging on Paris street style. Their clothing choices are completely different from here, which I find absolutely fascinating. The style reflects more of a bohemian chic, with many layers, elegant draping and classy accessories. Notice that both of these looks feature a lengthy garment, pulled tightly together in the waist by a sleek belt. This allows for a relaxed and casual look, with a slight sense of professionalism. Each and every look that I have seen worn by fashionistas in Europe inspires me to dress in a more classier, "European" way. I have yet to define what that encompasses, but when I do, I will definitely be living over there and living my dream. For now, I can only lust. Notice how these styles are somewhat reflective with the outfits that Rachel McAdams wheres in the film trailer above; classy, semi-formfitting, belted, and natural or neutral colours.

In Paris, Tuileries
Shirt: Black Shirt and Black Scard
Dress: Snakeskin Print Belted Dress
Shoes: Black Chelsea Boots
Photo By: Phil Oh (

In Paris, on the street.
Scarf: Black Belted Shawl
Top: Striped Top
Skirt: Black Maxi Skirt
Shoes: Black Wedges
Bag: Snakeskin Notebook Clutch
Gloves: Black Gloves with Gold Cuff
Photo By: Phil Oh (

Although some of us can jump on a plane and head to Paris for the weekend, most of us are stuck here, or there, wherever that may be. In the meantime, while we scourge for money to save up for a romantic trip to the city of love, we can surround ourselves with things that inspire and excite us to continue our journeys around the world. Here are some things that I have dug up on the internet, which I love and would buy in a heart beat.  J'adore Paris!!

POSTERS AND POSTCARDS to decorate your home and send to your friends! Pretend as if you ACTUALLY were in Paris!

paris art deco retro travel poster postcard
paris art deco retro travel poster by strk3

OR MAYBE you have a fashionable phone that needs to be spiced up with a little snug love by a Paris inspired iphone 3Gs or 4G case. Click on the image to customize the phone to your liking, adding your own text, changing colours and even images!

Or maybe, if you're extremely rich and have already flown to Paris five times this year, you will be interested in one of the top runway looks of Fall 2011 determined by Here, we have a Lavin choker, designed by Alber Elbaz, which of course is absolutely stunning.
photo taken from


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