Forbes Rich List- Celebs and Supermodels

I recently came across the the Top 100 celebrities in the world, according to, which also listed their income for the year. It wasn't surprising to find Lady Gaga amongst the top, followed by Oprah, and then of course, Justin Bieber. Who knew a teenager could make upwards of 50 million dollars in one year? Of course, he has the looks, the voice, and of course, the charm.

These celebrities seems to make an appearance in our daily lives without even really knowing it. Taylor Swift, number seven, has become quite a popular Cover Girl, and I'm sure you've seen her on tv.

Justin Bieber recently made it to the big screen as well, releasing his (somewhat) biography, "Never Say Never", which I will admit, I went to see.

And as for Lady Gaga and Oprah, they make appearances in our lives daily, with either a new controversial music video (Gaga, obviously), or by providing comfort and stability with a daily talk show, reminding you that the world isn't always that bad (sometimes).

After searching a bit more, I came across the Top Ten Rich List for Supermodels, and thought it would be interesting to see how prominent these models are in our lives, compared to the celebrities. For some reason, I think society gives recognition to the celebrities more, and the models a tad less.

Gisele Bundchen - $45 million 
The face of Pantene ProV (which I use daily).

She is also a well known Victoria's Secret Model.
Heidi Klum - $20 million 
Known for her Victoria's Secret Model Status, as well as her famed phrase of Auf Wiedersehen on Project Runway (LOVE that show).
Kate Moss - $13.5 million 

Recently appeared in the Dior Addict Lipstick Campaign

so sexy.

Adriana Lima - $8 million
Known for her Spanish beauty as a Victoria's Secret Model.

The list also includes:
Alessandra Ambrosio - $5 million (D&G...)
Daria Werbowy - $4.5 million (YSL, Versace...)
Lara Stone - $4.5 million (Calvin Klein)
Carolyn Murphy - $4.3 million (Estee Lauder)
Natalia Vodianova - $4 million (Guerlain...)
Candice Swanepol - $2 million (Victoria's Secret)

I cannot get over the imagination needed for the creation of each lingerie piece. It's absolutely amazing.

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