Fall 2011 Style Choices and Icons from

all images taken from fall 2011 fashion trend scrapbook.
Anna Dello Russo and George Cortina
I absolutely love Anna, and was captured by her ultimate presence when I watched video clips of her showing her closet and the infinite outfits she owns. Idol? I think so. 
Above is a shot taken by Tommy Ton capturing Anna in her glamour. I think her headband and veil are stunning, and create a 'flapper girl' aura to her outfit, which is elegantly matched with lace. Love. 
Did you know she owns over 4,000 pairs of shoes? 
Phoebe Philo stunned runway viewers with her tight pant, which is ultra slim, tailored to your leg and splits at the seam, allowing the fabric to literally hug your foot. Didn't we just all purchase wide legged pants because they were all the rage? ugh. Well, a girl can never have enough shoes, and those shoes need to be paired with something, so why not make it be pants? These lusciously crafted ones out of super sleek and sexy fabric are too amazing to pass by. 
Lucia Pieroni, the famed makeup artist did wonders at Rick Owen's show, performing a subtle magic to spark interest towards each model's lusciously red lips. Eyebrows were bleached to allow maximum concentration on her sexy pout, which I simply adored. It reminded me of the reference Issac Mizrahi makes to Call of the Wild in his documentary Unzipped. -A beautiful woman is found in the Arctic with her makeup in absolutle perfect condition and not a hair out of place, while she is draped in a gorgeous fur coat. 

Street style is all the rage right now, and people are becoming famous instantly over the internet if they are caught on camera for wearing something FABULOUS. However, fabulous does not have to be haute couture, or extremely outrageous, it just needs to be noticeable. Take Caroline Brasch Neilson for example; a top model, who is seen wandering the streets looking absolutely chic in a 'cool college student, who absolutely knows the ins and outs of realistic fashion'. Superb. 
Everyone loves a cozy parka for the winter. Especially if you live where I live. There is no surviving the winter if you don't have the correctly crafted and applied outerwear. So thankfully the runways were rife with a fabulous selection. Altuzarra paired their parkas with simple slip dresses underneath, which gave an elegant look to the industrial strength and (size) of the usual obnoxiously large characteristics of a parka. 
From combat boots to classic black pumps, Chanel has covered it all this season. Depending on your likelihood to rough your outfit up, or add a simple heel, you might want to scour the possibilities seen on the runway. Combat boots are taking on classier characteristics, such as buckles and a more form fitting ankle strap. No more army surplus store, rough edges and messy shoe ties. Chanel will dress you up in style, even when it is meant to look rustic.
Ed Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff do not like to play by the rules. This season saw new heights in fashion, as well as runway etiquette. The models wore stunning red outfits that blew many fashionistas minds, however the ability to concentrate on one outfit at a time was hindered by the fact that all the models were sent down the runway at once. There was no time to solely focus on the composition of one garment due to the distraction of the one behind; or maybe infront? Either way, Meadham and Kirchhoff love to make statements, and they definitely accomplished that this season. 

Sandals, oddly were a highlight of the Fall Season's Runway scene. How, do you ask, are sandals practical for winter? Well, you adorn them with fur of course! Alexander Wang performed this feat superbly by pairing a stunningly sharp and geometrically shaped heel with a swatch of feminine fur, which accentuated his sleek and sexy pant. 
Riskay accessories and subtleties are in this season as well. Look to Louis Vuitton for a sexy, yet refined outfit inspired by doormen at a luscious hotel or condo. Who knew that doormen could be ultra sexy?

Kate Moss walking for Louis Vuitton... I really have no words, except that this image is pure beauty. It is rough, edgy and sexy, while being refined and classy as well. Reminds me of a 'good girl gone bad' in a movie in the 20's or so, when women started to realize they could have daring personalities and make their own decisions. Kate Moss is definitely a Femme Fatal. 

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