hawaii coverage: day three and four

For my Spanish love, I used lava rocks to create a picture in the sand. Its a huge tradition here, where people use coral and lava rocks to write things on the land (usually volcanic rock). Once an image is placed in an area, it is supposed to remain there forever, (or as long as it is standing) because no one is supposed to disturb it after its creation. 

Muana Kea, behind our condos. You can notice the observatories on the top of the mountain. Pictures do not do it justice. It is absolutely beautiful and amazing. Shear breath taking. 

Muana Loa (or the side of it) from the other side of our condo. Notice the lava rock formation that surrounds the grounds. Once again, absolutely breath taking.

My first out of sea turtle spotting. He was so cute just laying there, basking in the sunset. Turtles around here are known to just sleep away the day, in the warm sun on the rocks close to the water. Adorable!

The cutest little Hawaiin boy who found a chameleon while we were at Akaka Falls National Park. I've never seen one in the wild before, and I was so happy that I was actually able to hold it too! He just sat on my finger and didn't move too much... He was uuuuggly looking though. He had three horns and kept looking at me oddly with his bulgy eyes.  

Akaka Falls: The largest waterfall in Hawaii, with a height of 442 feet. It was massive, and magical. This was the first tropical waterfall I have ever seen before. I was awestruck with its intensive beauty, and gargantuan size. Once again, pictures do not do one bit of justice.  

On the road to Waipio Valley, you have no indication of what majestic beauty lies ahead of the dead end road. You pass through a small village and residential homes, only to find yourself ontop of a huge scenic landing which overlooks Waipio Valley; an extremity in nature. If you can imagine, looking at this picture, and spotting a white dot the size of a pinprick along the beach, you would have just located a hiker, who is enjoying a cool break in the ocean breeze after zigzagging their way up, or down the side of the Valley. (Yes, there are trails which run along the side of the mountain, that if you are brave enough, you can challenge yourself). There are no words which will completely describe the rush and feelings which overwhelm you when looking upon this sight, however, I can describe it as magical. You hear the crash of the ocean waves upon the rocks, as a cool breeze relieves you from the hot sun. Standing up here, you realize that there are larger more magnificent things in life, which you just need to explore and find.    

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