hawaii coverage: morning of day two

Day two. As of the moment, I feel as if I am suffering from a large case of time lag, as yesterday I thought was already today, which is completely wrong. The days are somewhat melting together, however weird as that sounds, it actually makes my day feel longer, because I feel as if I have accomplished more things. And believe me, in day two, we definitely did. :
For one, we made a purchase at costco for a large amount of our food consumption that got the locals talking... People made bets on the final total, and I was asked numerous times if my family either owned a store, or were preparing for the end of the world. ha.
Second, I found COSTCO brand tequila and vodka. IN BULK. haha.
Third, I saw my first turtle in the wild.
Fourth, I saw my first turtle tattoo in the wild.
Fifth, I'm starting to change from pasty white to a shade of somewhat less of a ghostly colour.

On the road. Muana Kea
Our beautiful condo. 
This lady had the neatest turtle tattoo. 
Infront of the Bay. 
My first turtle sighting. I was super excited. 
My second turtle sighting. This time it was up close and personal. I was even more excited than the first time, that I dropped my book in the water due to being overwhelmed. ha. 

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