Pamela Love: Easy to Fall in Love With

Pamela Love.
First of all, what a beautiful name. And if you aren't attracted to the easiness of how it rolls off of your tongue when you say it, you will definitely fall in love with her collection. I was first captivated by her new pewter handbags- they are truly different and add a new dimension to the word. They are crafted completely out of metal and distressed, giving it an ancient, vintage look. These bags are extremely exclusive, and can be purchased from a limited collection for $3,000.00, each. Each bag features the designers initials, and signature charms which characterize each one. With their elegant beauty, these strap shoulder bags will create a presence that cannot be ignored. Pamela Love has truly outdone herself designing these metallic masterpieces.
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Upon viewing Pamela's site for more interesting designs, I was taken aback by the additional beautifully designed metal work aside from the purses. I have fallen in love with these pieces as well:

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Mamoth Talon Cuff:

Pamela Love joined forces with Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons to transform her signature Talon Cuff into The Mammoth Talon Cuff. From the hand-carved 10-30,000 year old Siberian woolly mammoth tusk bark talons to the six black diamonds on the palm of the cuff, this one of a kind jewelry is not only a remarkable fashion statement, but a collectible sculptural specimen. It is limited to 14 pieces, numbered in scrimshaw on one of the claws and comes with a 4 inch glass dome and engraved black wood base.

Where the Wild Things Are:

Pamela Love collaborated with retailer Opening Ceremony to create jewelry inspired by Spike Jonze's 2009 film Where The Wild Things Are. These limited-edition pieces will be available online and in-store at Opening Ceremony, as well as in other specialty boutiques worldwide

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