Taylor Momsen, a 17 Year Old in Transformation

For all of you who have been completely addicted to Gossip Girl for the past couple of years, waiting for the new fashions, sitting on the edge of your seat while the new scandal plays out on screen, and falling completely in love with either Chuck Bass, or Nate Archibald, you have definitely noticed the drastic transformation which the innocent little Jenny has gone through. We all thought it was a 'I'm a teenager in search for my purpose' phase. Or, we understood that it was the type of ecentric behaviour that came with being a fashion designer. We accepted her, learned to love her (maybe a bit less than before), and decided to smack our hands against our heads and dislike her a bit more when she did something totally rebellious or utterly stupid on the show. Yes, Jenny, you are extrememly gorgeous, but knowing you are becoming a teenage rock and roll wanna be is a major turn off from your innocence which you once possessed.

Now, were just talking about Gossip Girl here. However, Taylor Momsen has made this drastic transformation in real life as well. Remember little Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch? Yupp, that was Taylor. I almost wanted to cry when she sang her famous Christmas song 'Where are you Christmas?'.
Now, with her new album coming out, it portrays a completely different feel.

'The Pretty Reckless' will be released on Aug 30, featuring 'Make Me Wanna Die' and 'Light Me Up' is a rock and roll collection mixed with a teenage girls spin on things. The songs are interesting, and her wardrobe is even more so.

I'm not sure where I stand with Taylor's new look, whether I like her better as an innocent Cindy or Jenny, or as a rock and roll, sex symbol wearing lingerie and stocking clips.

Whatever my opinion, her clothing and jewelry are outstanding, and definitely contemplate the rock and roll look.

Listen to her new song, and you'll understand what I mean. Who do you like better? Jenny? or Taylor? Its a hard choice, but Taylor is taking over, and will not stop at anything.

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