Prada to Chanel, Fall 2010 Footwear

I've come to the sad realization, that summer is near its end. Although most of us want to still believe that its the beginning of July, the mornings are getting a tad chillier, and the wind is starting to blow more often. I love the sound of the wind through the trees, but that is a definite sign of Fall. However, with Fall, comes Fall issues of magazines, and everyone knows, they are the largest issues of them all.... Spread after spread, advertisement after advertisement. The 508 pages of Harper's Bazaar and the comparable ones of Vogue, Fashion, Elle, In Style etc are enough to make any Fall blahs flutter out the window. 

Found amongst the Fall Collection campaign ads, within the glossy pages, was a definite reoccurring theme: emphasis on fashionable footwear, showing off your feet, while keeping them cozy in winter. Prada and Chanel portrayed a beautiful Fall Winter Collection, exemplifying just this. 

Enter, Kitten Heels and granny inspired stockings, and a fur overload, ranging from Booties, to Heels to Pants (maybe even leggings?).

Both collections are a gorgeous array of solid colours, elegant stripes, beautiful materials and geometric shapes. Although they are on quite opposites sides with respect to 'style', (classic vs, out doorsey and native inspired), they both showcase a woman's legs and feet exquisitely. 
Whichever style you prefer, ultimately be prepared to choose your choice of weapon against the cold, because your feet truly deserve to be fashionably warm. 


Prada Fall Winter 2010 Collection, pictures taken from

Chanel Fall Winter 2010 Collection, pictures taken from

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