Yesterday afternoon I had the lovely experience of coming across a cute little cafe and flowershop in downtown Bowmanville. I was on a shopping stroll with my mom, and the cute window display lured us in for a chai latte and pink and white roses.
Chai Latte Sips.

While sitting down and enjoying the afternoon burst of chai infusion, my mom and I watched the tedious perfection inspecting process as rose stem after rose stem was placed in a huge silver ice bucket. At one point it started to overflow and I decided right then and there that I want to have a rose fountain in my front yard... where rose petals are always flowing through the water...

The Flower Shop portion of the cafe was heavily into creating gorgeous wedding floral arrangements. This one was my favourite.

Our table. Complete with cute, inspiring chalkboard quotes.

Le cafe.

We ventured to a cute antique shop down the street. The name Under the Toadstool definitely caught our eye.

With a lovely window display.

While rumaging through all the gems and jewels,  I found a display of beautiful vintage pearls. Audrey Hepburn kept popping up in my head afterwards..

If the pearls didn't excude elegance and luxury, these perfume bottles surely did. I miss the days where purchasing a perfume was a reflection on your personal image and style: everyone had to have a inticately designed perfume bottle to display in their powder room.

And of course, no vintage shop is complete without the vintage dresses. These were gorgeously hung from the ceiling, catching my eye as soon as I walked in. The patterns were possibly a tad over the top and did not suit the fashion of day to day dress styles, but they were pieces of artwork to be admired.

Yes, I wanted to try on white gloves. I found myself a pair... and a yellow hat.

Another display dripping with gemstones, pearls and jewels in exotic colours.

Jackpot: I have always had an obsession with Barbie, and now I can say that I have seen the original sewing instructions for Barbie's Seasons outfits. 

All the pearls, antiques, and retro related treasures I found today inspired me to style an elegant, vintage outfit, locating the photoshoot in the jacuzzi... it seemed elegant enough. 

My oufit consists of a black knee length vintage skirt transformed into a mini v-neck dress, paired with ripped black tights and POUNDS of pearls (literally). 

I attached two strings of pearls together, and knotted the ends to create a focal point within the necklaces.

A lady will never forget heels.

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