danny roberts at forever21

Danny Roberts: A cute artist who has done a recent collaboration with Forever21, magnificently drawing chic designs for a new line in their t-shirt collection. They are simply gorg, and give off a hip, Parisian feel. They are the perfect quick purchase for the summer months; a light and airy tank.
I discovered them this week when I visited forever21 for a bit of light shopping. 
The collection debuted on the first of June. 

Carolina Engman is a close friend to Danny Roberts, and he featured her on one of the T-Shirt designs.
Funnily enough, I came across Carolina Engman's fashion blog not too long ago, and fell in love with it. When I walked into Forever21 earlier this week, I immediately recognized the distinctive features of her face. Such a coincidence! Visit her blog HERE or vist her lookbook account HERE to see the amazing outfits she's put together. LOVE. 
Other designs in the Danny Roberts Collection:

The model was the muse... 
The design below was featured in this weekend's Globe and Mail Style Review section under the PPT (Person, Place, Thing). 
This, is Alice Point, another fashion blogger with AMAZING style. Check it out HERE.
Danny has done some amazing sketches, among them are these wonderful Forever21 designs. Check out his blog HERE, under the name Igor+Andre. 
I am in love with his artwork and will one day possess enough of it to fill my house, and wardrobe!

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