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The past two days have literally been a whirlwind of events. If you asked me what my daily activities were yesterday, you would probably receive a blank stare as your answer. However, the only thing that is certain in my mind is what I wore, thanks to the aid of photobooth :)

Yesterday I went to visit Bubbles and Gems, which is a high class jewelry shop in Port Hope and spoke to the owner about the details regarding the website I am designing for her. As well, I made a trip to my favourite jewelry store, Kenneth Bell, and spoke to the owner about working with him to promote his store and designs through social medias.
Busy busy.
Here's the outfit I wore during my networking spree:

I wore a white baby doll tank top dress and a daisy yellow sweater.

I belted the top with a thrifted gold linked belt and paired the outfit with leggings.


Today I took a trip into Toronto to attend a Fashion Design Speaker Seminar, where influential people spoke about finding your passion within the industry and certain paths you could possibly pursue. Amongst the speakers was a previous Elle Canada Magazine Editor and mentors of the new and sexy designers Carrie Hayes and NADA.

Here are some images from their new 2010 collections:


This collection is full of earthy tones, patterns and fabrics. It is the perfect collection to choose from for a fun and flirty yet established and professional look. Carrie Hayes has captured elegance with these down to earth dresses.


I thought it was such a coincidence when I heard the mentor of NADA speak about her collection today. To be honest, I came across her collection about a week ago and was going to post about her, but it seemed to have slipped my mind. This collection stands out from the rest, due to its interactive component. For their Spring 2010 collection, NADA actually produced a short film basing the script on a futuristic and realistic combat game, where the players choose different outfits to fight in. For all you mortal combat freaks out there, its KIND of like that, except high fashion and sexy models have been thrown into the mix.
To check out NADA's revolutionizing video, which will probably thrust fashion into the 3D world, CLICK HERE.
PS. If any of you thought the EXACT SAME THING that I did, mistaking the model for Leighton Meester, you are not alone. She is an EXACT look a like in my opinion.

Now for the outfit I wore to this high end fashion conference:

I pulled my hair up into a bun, ballerina style, which I NEVER do, however today it seemed to fit well with the outfit.

I wore a black string headband, a jaguar print shirt dress and paired it with leggings.

I wore gold chained bracelets as well as a gold seashell ring from Kenneth Bell.

I wore these leggings twice in a row due to the fact that I am obsessed with the gold studding around the cuffs.

All in all its been a busy two days, and it will surely be busy well into the long weekend. Tomorrow I am going to a videoshoot for a shopping chanel; one of the stores which currently sells some of my designs is being featured and I get to watch the filming! wooo!
And on Friday I am finally getting my winter tires off.... I am ashamed to say that publicly, but I guess if you've seen me driving around you've already noticed. Its well into May... I don't think its going to be snowing anytime soon Jen....

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