can't be tamed.

Here are a collection of photos I have gathered over the past couple of days along my journeys.

1. Waiting in the green room at the daytime talkshow screening.

2. The collection of magazines offered for reading, which I skimmed through

3. The camera equipment on set.

4. On set.

5. Judith Clapperton. Owner of 'The Village Linen Cupboard', where I sell some of my designs.

Dinner, after a long day in the sun.

6. & 7. A craving for sushi, at Mito Sushi.

8. Red and Green Dragon

9. A ride in the car to the film festival.

10. The outfit to the festival. Cannes? I wish.

I wore a black off the shoulder shirt, paired with a flower high waisted skirt (originally a tank top). I slathered on an extensive amount of silver bangles as well.

Backyard photoshoot:

I paired a chain belt and two charm bracelets together. I noticed that one had the eiffel tower as a charm, and needed to snap a pic upclose.

I came across this song today and was blown away by Miley's outfits. Shes clearly been taking advice from Adam Lambert. I love the look shes portraying, however I'm a little skeptical about how she is a bird/extinct a museum? Check it out though, its catchy. I did a little dance in the car when it came on the radio, and no, I'm not ashamed.

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