It's a typical Sunday and we're off to the cricket field to watch my brother play his last game of the season. My presence might just have been his team's goodluck charm, since this was my first game that I attended, as well as the first time they won against this particular team in seven years :O

Although the team probably didn't notice it, I snapped a couple of pictures during optimal modelest moments. It was as if they were straight out of a Ralph Lauren add (nix polo, in with cricket).

Today I used the heavy duty camera my mom drags around to all the sports games which has more buttons than you can memorize and an equal amount of special functions which allow for up close shots, fast shots, slow shots, night shots, day shots, zoom in and zoom out shots, and I'm sure if you threw it in a plastic bag it would take wonderful underwater shots.
For the record, I will not be the one to try that on my mother's camera. Just so you know.

Featured above is the necklace that I fashioned out of a vintage silver chain and a gold cleopatra necklace. I attached the gold one to the silver one to create my own version.
Featured below are the bracelets that I wore today: a gold chain belt fashioned around my wrist, as well as a beaded bracelet which has multiple unique stones.

I decided to wear a black off the shoulder top and pair it with washed out jeans. Although the sun was out and I hoped I could wear some form of shorts or skirt outside, it was quite deceiving. The wind was chilly, so I threw on jeans. However, having my luck, I seemed to have burnt my shoulders to a crisp sitting outside watching cricket for six hours. (Yes, 11-5ish).

Laying on the cricket field.

Anywho, for all you readers who have wondered if I have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, I would like to clarify that I am NOT. Thank goodness. I've been extremely busy lately, mostly laying out in the sun... However, look forward to changes and new implementations soon, for the summer will lead to quite a few exciting modifications, as well as more posts. WOOO.
Miss y'allllllllll

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