There are many things that I look forward to when I come home, and one of them is the water. Being land locked at university, I hardly see it, except in the form of rain, or even worse, the solidified form of snow. ugh.
Today was an exceptionally lovely day, with the lake almost resembling the ocean. The tinges of green and blue made it that more legitimate.
So, I decided to take pictures out on my cliff in my backyard. :)

I'm wearing a grey cotton summer dress, with a large clasped belt from Costa Blanca. I paired the outfit with leggings.

You're going to have to accept the lake photoshoot today, because I was absoltely obsessed with the colours of it.

Outfit... and a glimpse of the cliff.

Hopefully, where ever in the world you are right now, and what ever you are doing, you're enjoying the summerrrrrr

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