re: pearly whites. don't we love em.

Inspired by Lady Gaga, once again, I decided to base my outfit on her latest look. I grabbed a couple strands of pearls and designed my own necklace (weaving them in and out of each other). I am also wearing a pearl ring from Forever 21 and a pearl and jewel bracelet. Sorry for the disappointment on the lack of pearls glued to my face like Gags, but I'm definitely not that eccentric. One step at a time. Baby steps as some people say.

I am wearing a black lace top, a grey thrifted striped blazer and white shorts.

I experimented with the lighting... it was rainy outside, hence the lack of outdoor shots today. I avoided outside at all costs today. blech. Thunderstorms are lovely, only if you are underneath shelter, and somewhere nice and warm.

Even though it might be embarassing to say that I would wear this to a study party for exams (not really a party per se, more of a get together with a good friend to study with company), I did. In my opinion, one needs to look good to feel good, and feeling good influences your ability to be more productive with yourself. Who knew I could be somewhat of a philosopher, but little miracles happen each day, no matter how small...
Speaking about miracles, it has become WARM AT NIGHT. So if any of you happen to take midnight strolls, or in my case midnight lurking sessions on my street, you will not freeze to death. I know what you're thinking; extremely rare for London (or even Ontario in general for that matter). So soak up the sun, heat, and anything you can get, because spring is here to stay, and summer is well on its way. Thank the Lord.

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