pearly whites. don't we love em.

Looking out my window, all I see is rain and complete dreary-ness. On a day like today, people need cheering up. The sun isn't present to take all their worries away with its glorious rays. Nope. Not today. Tough it out. Or crawl into bed and sleep the day away. Or, like me, lock yourself (not literally) in the library and start to study for finals. This weather should be incentive to go inside and study your bum off.
Anyway. This weather does call for a little interesting study break (instead of going out in the sun and tanning on the lawn...).
To compensate, I found some neat things in my travels on the internet.

Lady Gaga kicks of New York Fashion Week with a stellar performance, in pearly whites. Yes. She wore an outfit full of pearls. Yes. Real ones too, which included an arrangement of them glued to her face... Leave it to Gaga to ONE UP everyone else, ALL THE TIME.

Seen here is Gaga at the beginning of the performance with a pearl encrusted mannequin.

Mississauga raised artist (yes, a locaaaaalllllll) Terence Koh designed Gag's outfit. In my mind, Gaga resembles a peice of coral, especially her face, reminding me of John Turners father in Pirates of the Caribean (Orlando Bloom's character).

Crustaceans anyone?

Gaga singing to her heart's content, "Future Love" while playing the piano.

Sans pants. As always. Cyndi Lauper and Gaga model their new shades of MAC lipstick on the red carpet.

I'm not as adventurous as Lady Gaga (most of the time), but I do like to experiment.
Here is my outfit which was worn yesterday. (Today I find myself wearing a large raincoat and boots. Pictures of a cuter outfit may come sooner than later today).

Featured here is a grey jersey off the shoulder dress from a designer, called "Baby Momma", which I purchased at the One of A Kind Show in Toronto last Spring.

I'm also wearing a thrifted (gladiator as I like to call it) belt and a wooden tribal necklace.

I miss the sunshine. Please come back asap. I really want to lie in the sun and get my tan onn.

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