I've been abscent for way too long. It seems like a decade, but it's probably only been about two weeks. I've been locked up in the library studying, and haven't even had time to open up one of the many vogue and harper's bazaar magazines that have been stacking up in my room. I finally have a little bit of a break, and I decided to feature some hot new trends that have been popping up. Summer is just round the corner, but in the fashion world, its already fall 2010. The clothes are absolutely amazing, but I'm going to pray for warm weather for as long as possible. Above is Demi Moore's video from the feature photo shoot for the newest Harper's Bazaar. I absolutely love her, and her style. The photoshoot was extremely whimsical and fantasy like, featuring an oversize chair and a miniature doll house.

Study Break: Searching Haper's website.
Fall 2010 holds a new crop of gorgeous clothing from some of my favourite designers.
Here is my favourite collection thus far from Paris Fashion Week Fall 2010

The late Alexander McQueen was greatly missed when his parent company, PPR presented McQueen's collection which he was previously working on before he passed away. With royalty comes elegance, and this collection surely did both those descriptions justice.

Each piece features glorious patterns, extensive drapery and exotic colours.

The presence of McQueen's style and design is uplifting, taking anyone who steps into one of his dresses into a fantasy world. His inspiration of the Renaissance era exudes elegance and high status. Beauty is portrayed within the flows and drapes of each of his pieces.

There is an exotic influence in each of the pieces as well, with an abundance of feathers, displayed subtly within the head dresses and patterned in the golden jacket above.

Gold is a colour worthy of royalty, and this collection utilizies this colour to the fullest, making each piece Queen worthy... literally.

My study break has unfortunately come to an end, and off to the library it is. I'm almost done exams and can dream of the summer in the near future.
Here's the outfit of the day. It's no Alexander McQueen, but I think I would get looked at oddly if I showed up to the library in an Renaissance corset drapery dress.

A change of scenery.

Featured here are a pair of navy striped, high waisted shorts. I paired them with leggings and tucked in a navy silk tanktop. To put everything together, I belted the outfit with a navy and gold belt.

Hope everyone is looking forward to being done school soon, I definitely am.
I cannot wait to head into Toronto every week for my internship and further my experience. I was even given the offer of possibly writing for Wendy Wong's blog (the fashion designer who I am interning under). I'm extremely excited. These next two weeks cannot go by fast enough.

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