whispering in the library.

I just had the fortunate experience of hearing some one yell-whisper. Yes, there is such a thing. You've all heard it before: people who decide to pick up their phone whilst studying, only to tell the person they can't talk because their in the library. However, I'm convinced that a whisper yell is probably louder than a normal voice. Try it out some time. You'll make less of a fool of yourself.
"Hello?... Hello? What? Speak up... No! I can't speak up, I'm in the library... What? WHAT? I'll call you later... NO. LATER" Click.
Put your phone on silent, when you realize some one is calling, walk out of the room for a better environment to engage in some what of a purposeful conversation. How can anyone focus when they're dying of laughter (silently obviously).
If there is an award for the most insignificant phonecall, I would award it right here, right now. I'm sure you all have had similar experiences... Maybe even your own.
Anyway... Hopefully the girl who took the call doesn't know me and somehow ends up reading this post... Bad news.
However, This is what I like to do on my study break.

A silver link chain attached to a silver circular linked bangle.

Skinny dark jeans.

A black tank belted with a black leather belt embedded with chains.

Mmmmm okay. So its back to the books, back to the grind, and back to reading in my comfy couch I've seemed to snag. (Pictured above).
Goodluck on exams everyoneeeeeeeee!

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  1. you should blog about cute outfits that are ridiculously cheap. and recommend certain stores that you shop at that are university student budget friendly!