Beauty Marks. Tulips. Black Nails. Red Lips.
As I have stated previously, I am in love with Alice In Wonderland. Today, I purchased a ticket to go see the movie, on OPENING DAY (omgomgomg). So, to dress up for the movie, in a Tim Burton influenced Alice in Wonderland gettup, I found a black dress, with white stripes (I guess I'm going more towards the Queen of Hearts look?) and I modified it a tad...

Seen here, the dress is pretty long, it brushes my knees. So, I decided to hem it so it was shorter. In doing so, the dress flared out a bit, and it looks like I'm wearing a ballerina outfit. Cute :D

ET VIOLA! Finished product. Now on to the photo shoot... I decided to add some red into the mix, because I am the Queen of Hearts, and wore a red flower headband.

Can't forget the roses.

The Queen of Hearts MUST have some sort of heart decor, and I was not overly ecstatic on drawing a heart shape with lip stick on my lips whist making my face pure white and maximizing the look of my eyelids with electric blue eye shadow, I decided to wear a heart necklace. bah. It does little, I know, but it's still cute. As well, I wore a gold necklace (featuring crowns and hearts), which I turned into a bracelet. Shown below.

I'm off to see the movie in t-minus 70 minutes, and I am so excited. Expect a review tonighttttttttt. For now, here's a lovely picture to look at while I am in the theatre watching the actual thing!

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