spotted. lovely ladies, with an appearance from Madonna.

I've always been told that a picture can tell a thousand stories...or be described in a thousand words? either one... my memory is a bit fuzzy right now... Each of these pictures can be described in a thousand words in terms of what we are wearing and the events which unfolded after these snapshots were taken. Featured on the left is (moi), wearing a lace top, with a black skirt (that is actually gold, but I flipped it inside out for a pure black crinoline one...) paired with leggings and Forever 21 shooz. I could bore you with 963 more words, but you would probably give up and move off to doing bigger and better things in your lives. So, I will spare you that tedious task. To my complete surprise, after this picture was taken, a younger version of Madonna danced into my bathroom. (hottub time machine???). She shook her booty and rocked an ice blue skirt, a short cropped black shirt and tights, pairing it with a vintage necklace and a lovely 80's styled poof. (ahaaha). My bathroom has now been blessed with the presence of a celebrity. (kidddingggg, love you Nicole! *model cred).

Tinkerbell Carly. With every new picture comes an interesting and new tale. This lovely lady featured above is wearing a black corset as a top, paired with a green skirt. She happily told me that when she was picking out her outfit, she thought of me and how crafty I am at making outfits out of unconventional pieces of clothing. woo. People think of meeee <3>

Mamacita Shraddha. owwoowowwww. kay, I absolutely love this picture. She's probably going to make me take it down, but until she yells at me for having it up here, I'm going to let everyone see her sexy outfit. Featured on Shraddha is a white tank, paired with a black skirt (that is actually a tube top! people are thinking like meee) and a black belt. She took one of my bracelets (which, I am going to point out, only goes around my wrist... CHECK OUT HER BICEP PEOPLE. If you look closely, you can see it!!! She has the tiniest arms in the world, just so everyone knows.)

MMMK. Done for now. Thank you to all the models, and by models, I mean people that I ran after with a camera so I could post these pictures. You all look gorgeous. lovelovelove.

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