the weekend has unfortunately come to an end.

Wow. So I have been extremely busy lately, so sorry for the absence of posts. You realize how much people actually look at my blog when they ask if I am doing okay because I have not posted in a while. Thanks for the fan loyalty :) .
Although I didn't post over the weekend, I managed to snapshot my outfits that I sported while studying and living life over the past couple of days. Spring is teasing us, showing up, and then disappearing, but I managed to enjoy the most of it. I even laid out in the sun to read a textbook once! YES. SEMI SUN TAN!
This is what I wore yesterday (Saturday)..

Grey jeans, with an oversize white sparkle striped blouse and tribal jewelry.

With moccasins. Of course

When I was in about (grade nine? eight?) I made a line of safety pin beaded bracelets. I dug them up out of the bottomless pit of my room of clothes and wore them. Featured here are two green and beige bracelets. If anyone wants to possibly purchase one, I still have many colors left! (In different sizes and lengths).

Beaded and knitted necklace.


Featured here is the outfit I crafted up today, however I should have realized that it was raining and pretty cold out before I put it together. Oh well. Who wants to step outside on a cold rainy london day anyway? NOT I. If the heat is cranked in my apartment, I will dress according to the dial.

I was told to post more video blogs by two lovely ladies last night, because they thought the last one was pretty neat, and I should explore more into it. So, I decided to show the process of how I came to this outfit. Hopefully it lives up to their standards. If not, critique me and send me those sweet songs you were talking about! xo.
Click play, and watch me come to this summer of an outfit.
I'm off to the library now. My other home. woot.

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