vlog. test. bear with me.

Changing things up to keep it interesting, CLICK PLAY IF YOU DARE

So, I felt creative today and decided to do a VLOG. yes. a video blog. ahh. It's my first attempt, so criticize with love please. Lots and lots of love. Since my outfit was made of multiple parts, I decided to show how I put it together. It's simple, but I feel like good enough for my first attempt at video-ing myself. If anyone has some sweet tunes they'd like to share for a possible future one, give me a shout out. Plus, I just like listening to music, so DO IT NO MATTER WHAT :) pretty please with a cherry on top?
Featured: A black tank, which I decided to spice up. I had this funky silver sparkle belly top, that I'm guessing was from the 80's (hence the belly top) and put it on top of the black tank. I then belted it, to keep the outfit together, and then added my studded Forever 21 leather vest. I'm wearing washed out grey jeans and white booties. love.
Here's another sweet Gag's song that I love. (beside's Chillin, which was featured in the vid today)

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