Sam Needs a Tan. As Do I.

Taken from Sam Laliberte's event page for her attempt at an Australian dream come true!

Thanks to sweet friends and facebook chat, I have successfully progressed to the final round of the VIP Aussie Adventure contest !!

Although the finalists are assessed on more than votes alone, I would still LOVE your help on maintaining the lead! It would be absolutely positively appreciated if you could vote for my homemade video from April 1st - 6th.

As promised, I have come up with an epic Aussie social idea. Ever hear of THE CEEPS? I will be hosting an Australian themed Sledgehammer Bingo night on Tuesday, March 30th at 9PM.

Despite being a huge favor to myself, I have a number of incentives for you to come out!

1. I have a TON of prizes to give out for Bingo winners:
- 1 prepaid $50 visa
- Fruits & Passion sponsored gift baskets (stuffed with their Australian Baobab line of course)
- Underwater cameras
- tanning passes - if you really can't join me, then at least look like you did!
- local salon certificates
- Aussie shampoo and conditioners
- 3 koala stuffed animals :)

2. If Bingo isn't a success, I have stuff for you too! Just sit back and enjoy the night at one of the 30 large tables, and you will be showered with free giveaways like: temporary tattoos (yes, we'll put them on you!), koala pins, Australian dictionaries, suckers, and more. You will have to answer a fun Aussie fact though first!

3. Need a new head shot? I have a professional photographer AND videographer to capture what is sure to be a wicked night! Smile big and I will be posting all of the pictures shortly after the event.

4. EVERYTHING IS FREE - no cover to enter and you can play as many rounds of Bingo as you'd like.

What exactly do I mean by Sledgehammer Bingo? Here's how it will work,

The moment you walk into The Ceeps on Tuesday, you will feel like you entered down under. From the hanging flags and Aussie styled hosts to the seashell pasta used to keep track of your Bingo card.
The hilarious hosts of the night, Colin and Matty, will call out the Bingo numbers one by one. If you think you have a winner call Bingo and get ready for some fun!
If you're truly a Bingo winner, you will be invited on stage to select 1 of the remaining 12 Aussie pictures - ranging from Kangaroos and boomerangs to Nicole Kidman and Dingos. Your selection will determine which fruit you get to smash.
Australia is home of some of the freshest fruits - from Pineapples to Bananas - so put on your safety goggles and lab coat, grab your sledgehammer and smash away !
If that doesn't sound tempting enough, you could have also just won a $50 visa!

Ohh one more thing, WANNA COME TOO ??
Tourism Australia offers a Working Holiday visa.. yes, for students just like us ! I checked it out, and you should too!

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