Waking up early gives you more energy for the day to come I find, and on a day like today, it is much needed (it's so much work laying out in the sun...)
Short post today, I need optimum time in the sun while I read some study notes..
Sailboat inspired today?

Aldo oversize aviators.
Gold necklace (14 karat? Painted blue.. reminds me of Cleopatra)

Added three beaded rings to the necklace.
Also wearing a long vintage gold chain linked necklace.

I decided to wear shorts today. Hopefully the weather holds out and isn't too windy. However, nothing really ever goes my way in terms of the weather. Knock on wood for me?

Featured on my wrist is a gold chain linked belt, which I turned into a bracelet. I'm wearing a grey cotton three quarter length tee that reminds me of a sailor's outfit.

Prime tanning outfit? (legs anyway)

As well, I', wearing a Kenneth Bell mirrored ring (shown on the right). It's absolutely gorgeous.

Tip of the day...
If you go to the Beer Store with about 20 26ers, you will get about a toonie back. And this toonie will pay for your photocopies at the library. I learned this from experience. Thank goodness I went to the Beer Store, or else photocopying would not happen today. woo.
Boring story I know, so instead of reading this, get your bum outside and enjoy the rays. I know thats where I'm heading right now.

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