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This post is long over due. With the release of Lady Gaga's new video at the beginning of March, I found my jaw dropping at the mere sight of all the costumes Gags wears. Holyholyholy. So, me being me, was inspired.


Poker Face. iPhoto likes to invert pictures. darnit.

Absolutely wonderful. I have no other words for the amazingly creative outfits Gaga wears. Let's take a lookie and drool together

A break on the concrete beach: Body chains and cigarette sunglasses.

Jail bait: coke curlers and a studded blazer

Criminal Intent: crime scene tape toga

Jacky O hat and sunglasses to hide criminal eyes.

Can I get cho numba? Telephone hard hat headware.

Pulp Fiction inspired.

Today's outfit. Thank you Gags.

As soon as I watched this movie I fell in love with her chain outfit, it struck me as absolutely wild and out of the ordinary. Most people wouldn't wear something like that, however, I could possibly put myself through the agony of carrying around a heavy accessory like that.
I thought more about these chains after my friend Becky sported a chain around her leg in tribute to this video. I still need those pics btw. kay thanks.

So everyone has seen those really cool leggings out and about; they're black and have huge slits up the side so you get a teasing view which is very close to a girl's as*s. s'cuze my french. Look above. Yupp, in the fight scene. Spot the girl on the left. Those are exactly the pantaloons I am talking about.
Me being me, I decided to make my own version.
Here we go...
1)Black jeans. Fresh out of the wash.
2)Grab a very sharp kitchen knife.
3)Hack away, and hope that it turns out swell

Et viola. Crappy quality on the photo side, but you get the jist.

Going back to gag's chain outfit, I decided to run a chain through the slits. c'est biker chic.

When I went over to my friend Ryan's house wearing this outfit, he was quick to spot the resemblance (he mentioned gaga's vid... and he dislikes her :O)
He asked me what happened to my pants, then before I could answer, he put up his hand for me to silence.
'Let me guess. You're going to write that you had an unfortunate accident with your lawn mower and your jeans saved your life, however getting chopped up in the process. The mower chain even flew off and nearly killed you, but it just so happened to get intertwined in your pants. Now that's what you call a fashionable, unintentional D-I-Y'
-I wrote this story with the least justice I could have given it. It was all very funny, he even said it as if I was saying it and I could not keep from laughing.
For the record, there was no lawn mowing involved in this process. It was pure genious!
Maybe I should have decided to do this on a warmer day... it was quite windy and gusts seemed to crawl up my leg like spiders that had just come out of the freezer. oy. I blatantly asked myself outloud why I chopped up my jeans on a frigid day. Howcome I say? All in the name of fashion

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