I am under the impression that today was the warmest day in our hint of spring that nature is giving us. I've been into wearing flower patterns lately, so today I scourged around in my closet and found a cute blue layered floral skirt. I paired it with a black tank, grey tights and a black blazer. I was in a rush this morning (I've found myself extremely busy with presentations and studying for exams), so I did not do a complete U HAUL of an outfit. Maybe tomorrow. I hear the weather is supposed to be gorgeous for the rest of the week (fortunately for all us Londonites!!) So be prepared to wear your own skirt, or even shorts (I'm being OPTIMISTIC at this point in time). At least throw a pair of tights into the mix to ward off those chilly wind bursts that seem to love and accompany the gorgeous sunny weather we've been having.

Paired my outfit with a black headband, black studded earrings and a circular black and white glass ring.

I was proud to say that I have finally walked outside of my apartment without some form of winter outer wear. NO JACKET. KEINE JACKE. SANS VESTON.
Yes, it was that exciting that I had to yell it out over blogging in three different languages. ha.

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