teen vogue boys. check, check, check it out.

Look out girls! Here's the lineup of the new Teen Vogue Boys. And gosh darn, they all melt my heart.

Look out guys! If you want to dress like these hunks, pay attention, girls love it. Study the photos and maybe I'll see you around campus similarly dressed. Spring is just around the corner, it's a great time to show off your looks!

Logan Lerman. The newest cutie on the scene from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Looking classy in a simple suit and fun sneakers.
In the hot seat: Thom Browne suit, shirt, and tie. Vans shoes, $42.

Paul Wesley, another gorgeous vampire. Is there any other kind lately? Wearing a button up shirt, sweater and a classy spring jacket, sporting a popped collar.

Taylor Lautner. I wouldn't mind taking a swim in that pool with you... you know a sexy guy when he can look gorgeous clothed while swimming. I don't expect all you guys to readily jump into a pool wearing a suit, but a guy who cleans up well always finds his way to a girls heart.

Ed Westwick, Marry me? I'm being serious... I actually cannot express how much I love Ed's looks and character. I have no criticisms... just love. Any guy who can pull off a simple shirt, sweater and blazer, topping it off with a necklace and laid back jeans will definitely get a smile out of me.
Ed wears a D&G blazer, Victor Glemaud henley, Tim Hamilton t-shirt, Acne jeans, and a Lady Grey necklace.

Zac Effron. Simple but high class in a plaid shirt, tie and blazer. Another preppy boy outfit which I love. Zac Effron is a close second to Ed Westwick in terms of the race for my heart.

Robert Pattinson. Ohhh boy. Looking stunning in just a wind breaker. Gives hope to us all. Robert's distinctive sexy stare is just enough to woo a girl. Guys, practice it in the mirror. practice makes perfect you know...

The Jonas Brothers. Grown up, and handsome.Click for behind the scenes.
These guys are known for wearing cute sneakers, jeans, graphic tees and pairing it with a blazer. Blazers are 'IN' guysm, take notes, it'll pay off in the end.


Ethan Peck. Star of the Family Show, 10 Things I Hate About You. Ethan wears a Diesel shirt, $120. BBlessing T-shirt, $70. Dunderdon pants, $155.

Anton Yelchin, the cutie, most recently known mastering a Russian accent in the newest Star Trek Sensation. Anton wears a Band of Outsiders shirt, $215, and blazer. Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans, $188. United Bamboo shoes, $350.

Bo Burnham. Internet found Comedian. Bo wears Earnest Sewn jeans, a Paul Smith Jeans sweatshirt, and Converse sneakers.


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