To escape reality, I write. I ramble. I go on and on about nothing, which is quite probably the thing I am doing now. For me, my escape is clothing. I absolutely love it. I love patterns, jewels, bold statements and oddities. I'll wear just about anything if I fancy it. Today, I decided to wear a snakeskin print skirt. To accompany it, I paired it with a grey tank, a dark grey knit sweater, an oversize belt and tights. Simple, yet still elegant. I fastened a silver chain necklace around my wrist to become a bracelet.

So, out into the arctic weather we go... grabbing a faux fur hat and my parka. My Sorrel trudging boots are still proving to be extremely useful. phew.

On another note...
Facebook proves to be a powerful tool ( I admit to creeping...) when looking for new songs to fall in love with for the day. This showed up on my main feed. Check it out, or hear it soon when you come visit me. Its going to be on loop for a while.

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