NEW PROJECT! PLEASE PARTICIPATE (to make me feel happy)

So, I am initiating a new aspect of my blog. Its going to be the 'spotted on campus' section. Either I am going to creep you, and take a picture of a cool (or not so cool) outfit if I see you on campus, or you can spare yourself the humiliation (if I catch you in something absolutely dreadful), and take your own pictures and send them to me!! I would love it if anyone who looks at my blog (and looking at the stats, I have almost 3300 views since the beginning of Jan!), sends in pictures! You can creep me on facebook and make a private album for me, or just sent me a quick email at It would make my DAY if you sent me in pictures so everyone can look at your lovely outfits! (GUYS TOO!!!!!!!!)

Nicole was the guniea pig of this operation.... she sent in pictures willingly (I will hunt you down if not!). Today she is wearing:
brown lacoste boots, which she just bought, black tights, a black american apparel high waisted skirt, a white tank top from garage , pink corset type top "ralph Lauren, rugby" thrifted at our favourite place (talize, of course, who are you kidding), and finally, she is sporting a lovely black blazer which was thriftede at value village in thunder bay ... Why you ask in Thunder Bay? Because we were on our raodtrip baby! Ha. Yes, we drove across the most boring (but extremely scenic), parts of Canada. It was a trip to remember though!

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