adam lambert, you are gorgeous.

This music video has been playing non-stop on much music when I get dressed in the morning, so today I guess I was some what influenced by his gorgeous classy goth like style. I also cannot get over his amazing voice. Yes, I find myself singing along while picking out my clothes. I don't consider that to be embarrassing. Don't judge...
If you've been following, you'll know I've worn this top before, the conventional way. I had to rush this morning, I didn't really plan an outfit before hand because I have been extremely busy lately! (essay, exam and report due in the next three days!). BUT I will hardly ever resort to wearing sweatpants. NO WAY. Here's the revamp to make the shirt look uber chic.
I slipped my head and right arm through the right arm hole and pulled the left arm up onto my left shoulder. It created a neat draped look, with studs falling down the side of my shoulder.
Paired it with pleather leggings, I think I would make Adam proud.
The shirt was long enough to pull down and almost be a dress. So, I've fallen in love with revamping my clothes. If anyone wants tips, let me know! (somewhat of a passion of mine)

Brassy Studded Tights.

Balmain studded heels.

Studded jean pocket.

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