wednesdays outfit. sparkles. woo.

Someone. Loves. Sparkles.
If you haven't noticed... oh, and massive amounts of jewelry. I can't help it. It's an overwhelming addiction. Today, I'm wearing a black sparkle Costa Blanca blazer...
Accompanied with a black vintage silk tank top I found at a thrift store..
Strands of black Chinese pearls.. with numerous silver jeweled rings... and a ton of bracelets.

The black tank is tucked into a black sparkle skirt... which is actually a tank top. (revamp!!!)
The outfit is completed with a pair of black stockings, they're ripped along the leg for a grunge look, but mac books don't focus on fine details. darnit.
my outfit is nice, however when I step out of my apartment, I look like this.. woohoo. loveeeeeeee winter. not.

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