the cutest girl.

Featured: Shraddha, future model at the London Taphouse on Saturday January 30th be thereeeeeeeeeeeeee.

'Think Rich Look Poor' is at 9pm and for only $5 you can raise money for Haiti. Oh and there is free champagne and tonsa gifts! Exciteddd

Her outfit: A gold and beige headband with a big bow! Find it at Top Shop if you are ever in UK! Red long sleeve Banana Republic shirt layered with a Banana Republic wool sweater. Throw in some multicoloured necklaces, a white belt and a white watch to match the white tank top with some black wool leggings and VOILA!

Notice how I wear black (as always) and Shraddha goes for colour. Shes so adventurous. teach me your ways!!!!!

We are so cute!! Ha Ha
We decided to photoshoot in my bathroom. I know... cool right?

She wanted to feature our jewelry.
Glamour Shot.
She did her hair for me too - I know! I love her!

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