night into day... my lazy bones outfit for the lib

Glamour Shot of the Night Outfit. Ha. Featurette.
-realized I need to paint my nails again. (yay! study break!) mind the chips, don't stare, it's rude.

High Waisted Black Skirt and Forever 21 zebra print top tucked in.

while uploading the pics I realized I have a zerbra print fetish. ya, so what of it? You know you're a tad jealous you don't own a (fake) zoo in your wardrobe.
Gray cardigan and black leggings accompanied by a zerbra print scarf from le chateau.

an 'oh so casual, great I have to hit the library' kind of look. I was lazy today, plus if I showed up in anything different, the Weldonites (people who live in the lib) and (yes, you have a designated name if you visit often), will ask questions. I'm in a no question mood: all books no socialization. (i'm lying obviously)...

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