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This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go to the Toronto Interior Design Show and was inspired by all aspects of housing life. Everything I saw was amazing, and I prayed to God that night that I would win 50 million dollars in the lottery so that I could by everything I saw. (not going to lie, I actually had a dream that night that I did win! I woke up and realized the harsh reality of living in a student house and wanted to bawl...) But the dream was amazing while it lasted.

I came across an exhibit called 'hotel bisha', which are residences inspired by the 1930's hotel scene. I did a walk through of a lounge and bar, and I was tempted to ask if I could pay rent for the night to stay. (in the exhibit!). It wasn't a pathetic thought, it was one from the heart. Gosh I fell in love that day with materialistic things. (some how that always happens. oh dear).

I was ecstatic to find out that the affiliating companies who designed these lovely residences (that are coming to Toronto soon as high rises!), also design NIGHT CLUBS. My second favourite thing besides clothing. Here are some hot spots which NEED to be hit up. come avec? just message me and you know my answer will be yes, as always.


AME- Overhaul of RAIN in Toronto Hot New Japanese Restaurant Club

The indusrialized insprired look is captivating. The metalic hues and light fixtures give a 'grunge' feel and to my impressions, transforms this chic restaurant into a hip underground looking venue.
Love.Love.LoveABSOLUTELY GORG. thank goodness I love sushi. I now have a reason to go :)

Never been, but it looks amazing. A perfect summer outing. Make pre-plans with me for a gorgeous July evening? (GO AWAY CANADIAN WINTERSSSSSS Gah.) you're putting a stint in my summer outings.

Looks like a chill hooka bar. I love the atmosphere and decor. Very relaxing and 'tribal' almost. Perfect for a relaxing evening out.

So I've heard that this venue offers an option of getting a tattoo while you are at a night club. This may not be for everyone, but right now, it seems pretty neat for me. Even the decor and atmosphere gives off a 'rock concert' feel. Who else would be more inspired to get a tattoo during a night out? Most definitely a hard core rock follower.. or a completely wasted visitor who in their sober mind would never have the courage.

SO IF ANYONE WANTS TO GO ON A DATE (non relationship, non sexual included) LET ME KNOW. I want to explore these hot clubs, because I am ashamed to say that I have never visited any... and there are many more that I haven't listed! These places are definitely on my FASHION list... under fashionable places.

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